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About Us

We are primarily a retail store catering to hobbyists via Internet.  We attend orchid shows and plant sale with local orchid societies.

No fix hour at this time.  Best way to reach us is by e-mail.

Big Leaf Orchids
P.O. Box 92841
Southlake, TX 76092


Welcome to Big Leaf Orchids, named after the pretty and round leaves of phalaenopsis (fail-eh-NOP-sis.  This place is created by Peter Lin as a result of his passion for growing orchids, turning an addictive hobby to a small business.  After experimenting with different orchid genus, Peter decided to specialize in phalaenopsis - also known as moth orchid.

Phalaenopsis is arguably one of the easiest orchids to grow, especially for in-door culture. The most rewarding aspect of growing phalaenopsis is that they stay in bloom for several months and come in a wide variety of colors and blooming habits. It is not uncommon to see mature phalaenopsis blooming for several months in a year .  It is no accident that phalaenopsis is the most popular orchid in the US.

This place is initially created to share phalaenopsis photos from our collection with our orchid friends.  We are now selling plants as a business in response to many inquires.  Due to our limited growing space, we maintain about 2500 plants in a 1000 square feet of growing space.  By keeping selected plants, we hope to cater hobbyist with unique and better grown plants that you do not find in local garden stores. 

We are operating from the backyard of our residence in Irving, Texas.  As a result, we are more of a mail order company than a retail store.  Due to our small operation and space limitation, we are unable to accommodate visitors to hand select plants at this time.  As time permits, we will post more photos to give you a virtual tour of our blooming plants.  Thanks again for visiting our website.