Red Phalaenopsis

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Larger complex reds (8.0 - 10.5 cm) with rounder shape. Most of these are purple rather than true red due to larger pink, purple standard phalaenopsis in breeding.  Flowering season: Spring, Fall.
Dtps. Chain Xen Pearl 'Christmas' Dtps. Chain Xen Pearl 'Brick Red' Dtps. Brother Love Rosa 'B#2' Dtps. Brother Cortez Red 'B656' Dtps. Brother Cortez Red 'B#657' HCC/AOS
Medium complex reds (6.0 - 8.0 cm Natural Spread). Most of these are not fragrant.  Flowering season: Spring to Fall.
Phal. Min-Chao Yeo-Man 'Hwa Yuan' Phal. Brother Love Silence 'B780' Phal. Brother Purple 'Brother' Phal. Chingruey's Fancy 'KIMO' AM/AOS Phal. Chingruey's Blood-red Sun 'Haur Jih'
Phal. Chiayi Red Queen 'CY' HCC/AOS Phal. Sogo Rose 'Sogo' Phal. Sogo Rose 'Joy' Phal. Sogo Cock 'Joy' GM/WOC 2005  
Smaller novelty reds, most with star shape (5.0 - 6.5 cm Natural Spread) with summer flowering species like Phal. violacea and Phal. amboinensis in the gene pool. Fragrant flowers.  Flowering season: Late Spring to Fall.
Phal. Brecko Cordablaze 'Red Fawn' AM/AOS Phal. Brother Spot 'B-2' Phal. Peach State Red 'Peter Lin' Phal. George Leather 'Peter Lin' Phal. Sogo Kaiulani 'Joy'
Phal. Carolina Scarlet Queen 'Lenette #3' Phal. Luedde-Violacea 'Ana Red' HCC/AOS      
Smaller reds (4.2 - 5.0 cm Natural spread) with Doritis pulcherrima in the background.  Flowering season: Summer to Fall.
Dtps. Musick Lipstick Dtps. Red Elf 'Lenette #4' HCC/AOS      
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