Phalaenopsis 2005

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Spring 2005 is here.  These are just a few of our favorite. 

Phal. Stone Dance 'C#2'

Phal. Brother Little Rose 'B603'

Phal. philippinensis 'Orchidview' AM/AOS

Phal. Desert Skies 'Sunset'

Phal. Brother Little Amaglad 'Joyce' HCC/AOS

Description: Very nice multiflora.

Phal. Mini Mark 'RF'

Phal. Tzu Chiang Baby 'C#1'

Phal. Golden Gift 'Pine Ridge'

Dtps. Taida Pearl 'Taida'

Description: Beautiful blotches on this flower.

Phal. Mambo
'Orchid Konnection'

Description: A very good clone of this primary hybrid between amboinensis and mannii.  Good color.

Phal. Ambo Passion

Description: I got this plant off Dr. Martin's Evergreen Hill Orchids.  I love the round petals on this flower.  Great color.

Phal. (Liu's Rainbow X Timothy Christopher)

Description: Wow - gorgeous flower! Flower shape is improved over Liu's Rainbow.

Phal. Black Rose 'YN#2'

Description: This picture does this flower no justice. The flower glows in bright light.  What a color.

Phal. Sogo Pony 'Steve Tatoul'

Description: Got this as a keiki from Steve last year.  Very nice coloration and good flower substance.

Phal. Big Rose 'CH#188'

Description: Huge flower and great color contrast.

Dtps. Chain Xen Pearl 'Joy No. 3'

Description: This is a gorgeous flower from Joseph Wu Orchids.  Great color.

Phal. Fantasy Musick

Description: This is such a cutie. Compact plant that produces many flowers.

Phal. Fantasy Musick (yellow)

Description: This one is a keeper.  It's interesting to see the rare yellow form coming thru from Phal. maculata.

Phal. Joy Spring Canary 'Joy No. 3'

Description: Probably the very best novelty phalaenopsis I have seen - flat, color, and the beautiful fragrance.

Phal. Yungho Gelb Canary 'Joseph Wu'

Description: This is good parent for novelty breeding.  A parent of Phal. Joy Spring Canary.  Very fragrant.

Phal. Sunrise Goldamour 'FD'

Description: A very good flower that has the form and color.  New flower opens green fading to golden yellow as flower ages.

Phal. (cornu-cervi X Timothy Christopher) 'KF'

Description: A cute multiflora with apple-green flower.  Long lasting flower season due to phal. equestris in the background.

 Phal. Brother Fancy Cassandra 'Peter Lin' HCC/AOS

Description: A good example of Brother Nursery's breeding with Phal. Caasandra.  One of my favorites.

Phal. Chih Shang's Stripes 'Koulynche'

Description: Good candy-striped flower.  I kept this in my collection because of the variegated foliage.

Dtps. Tzu Chiang Key '206'

Description: Bought this plant at APOC8 - 2004.  A great novelty phalaenopsis - hybrid of Phal. Yungho Gelb Canary.

Phal. Liu's Rainbow 'KF#1'

Description: This flower is so cute and has great color.  I especially love the big lip in this line of miniature/multiflora breeding.

Phal. Sogo Genki 'Shih Hua'

Description: White with lavender blush never seem to go out of style.

Phal. World Class 'Big Foot' JC/AOS

Description: Famous flower with signature 3 petals.

Phal. Tzu Chiang Key '206'

Phal. World Class 'Big Foot' JC/AOS

Phal. Liu's Rainbow 'KF#1'