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Phalaenopsis species A-Z

There are almost 60 different phalaenopsis species, more if you include different variety of each species. Phalaenopsis species come in different shape, size, and color.  On our own, we have not yet collected all of the available species - a few of these are rare or difficult for us to keep under our growing environment.

phal. amabilis

phal. amboinensis

phal. aphrodite

phal. appendiculata

phal. bastianii

phal. bellina

phal. borneensis

phal. braceana

phal. celebensis

phal. chibae

phal. cochlearis

phal. corningina
'Carol' HCC/AOS

phal. cornu-cervi

phal. deceptrix

phal. deliciosa

phal. equestris
var. alba

phal. equestris
var. aurea

phal. equestris
var. rosea

phal. fasciata

phal. fimbriata

phal. floresensis

phal. fuscata

phal. gibbosa

phal. gigantea

phal. hieroglyphica

phal. inscriptiosinensis

phal. javanica

phal. kunsteri

phal. lamelegera

phal. lindenii

phal. lobbii

phal. lowii 

phal. lueddemanniana

phal. mannii

phal. mannii
var. alba

phal. micholitzii

phal. maculata

phal. mariae

phal. modesta

phal. pallens

phal. parishii

phal. pantherina

phal. philippinensis

dor. pulcherrima

phal. pulchra

phal. reichenbachiana

phal. sanderiana
'South Olive' AM/AOS

phal. schilleriana

phal. stuartiana

phal. tetraspis

phal. venosa

phal. viridis

Phal. violacea
var. alba

Phal. violacea
var. malayan

Phal. violacea
var. coerulea

Phal. violacea
var. muritoniana

phal. wilsonii

phal. zebrina
Acknowledgement: We would like to say thank you to the following folks for give us their permission to display their phalaenopsis with our species collection.  You are invited to visit their website for more photos of phalaenopsis species. 
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