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 Post subject: rot in phal's
PostPosted: Sat Jan 27, 2018 10:28 am 

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sadly i deal a lot with rot in roots and center of some of my phalaenopsis, i am very careful not to water down the center of the plants and flush pots from beneath, so they don't soak.

but i have lost a violacea sumatra 4n already to (heart rot? not sure if thats correct word), my day temps are 25-26 c and night is about 24 c. i have a lot ventilators running during day and powerfull LED lights.

the plant's stand in trays on leca, but i don't have water in the tray's all the time and when i have water in the trays, plants doesnt soak in it.

what am i doing wrong? i can take photos if it might help with rescuing the bellina alba, which is attacked by rot at the moment, other phals are doing okay right now, but i am concerned that they will get problems aswell later, if i don't figure out the cause of it.


the 2 plants which have been attacked by rot, are both planted in bark, all the others which i repottet to light moss, are doing really fine... don't know if i should repot the bellina to moss aswell, or if it would do more harm now that the lowest leaf show signs of some kind of rot.

 Post subject: Re: rot in phal's
PostPosted: Sun Jan 28, 2018 5:47 am 
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Anders -

Sorry to hear of your news; we have all been through this as well and it can make you ill at the stomach. Over the years, I have found that rot tends to attack your most favorite plants (it is some kind of rule!). Mites, also, seem to be able to see which plants we are currently admiring the most and then they all gang up on those plants, especially in an indoor setting.

Before some of the more wise members of this forum chime in on treatments/preventions, I would just suggest that you immediately isolate any plants that show any sign of rot whatsoever; depending on the species causing the rot, it can be *highly* contagious. For now, I would not worry about the quality of light the relocation site might be able to provide: just get those plants isolated immediately. I would also take out your growing trays and at least treat them with bleach solution, then rinse very well, then re-assemble your growing setting (this, just in case spores from the plants with rot have fallen into the trays..which is probable).

Do you have access to most of the pesticides we have in the USA? They may be in Denmark under a different name, so I will try here to copy in a weblink to a site that I find most helpful. It is critically important to rotate different groups of compounds when fighting infections and I find this list to be very helpful. The trade name of the compounds may be different in Denmark, but the active ingredient and its mode of operation should read the same. Weblink:

https://www.apsnet.org/edcenter/intropp ... icides.pdf

Best of luck,

"Constant use has not worn ragged the fabric of their friendship." 

Dorothy Parker

 Post subject: Re: rot in phal's
PostPosted: Sun Jan 28, 2018 6:37 pm 

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I’ve had success in growing violaceas and other fragrant novelty Phals indoors in a NZ sphag/perlite 50:50 mix. Give it a try, difficult to overwater as the mix is very open. Keep humidity at 50%, your day temps could go to 28-30C to help vegetative growth as long as the lights aren’t too bright

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