New member in Georgia

Introduce yourself and about your orchid growing setup and experience.
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New member in Georgia

Post by jkofferdahl » Mon Sep 26, 2016 10:20 pm

Hi all! My name is John and I'm new here. I live in Smyrna, GA, with three large dogs about whom I can talk for hours, and work as a librarian. I have two adult daughters about whom I can also talk for hours. That I have adult daughters most likely tells you I'm getting, well, gray. I mean, what hair I have left is. Yet I find that the pursuit of orchid knowledge keeps at least the mind young.

I first grew orchids in 1979, but several years ago various nonsense took me away from the hobby. This Spring, though, my sister gave me a Paph to soothe my nerves (long story), and like a virus orchids have spread to take up every inch of my kitchen grow window. I've always loved Phals, and so they have always been the large majority of my collection - which now includes 48 plants, of which 40 are Phals. Mostly species, but there are a few hybrids peppered in. When I'm not enjoying my orchids or my dogs, and somehow not at work, I enjoy sports, reading and writing poetry, books, smoking a pipe, and taking naps. Especially taking naps.

I mentioned that I currently grow only in my kitchen window. Sadly, it's my best choice in the house I'm in, but it's not exactly great. The light is okay for Phals, great for Paphs, and worthless for most other stuff. I've had, in the past, some success growing under lights and hope to find some good information about that here.
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Re: New member in Georgia

Post by peterlin » Tue Sep 27, 2016 8:46 am

Hi John,
Welcome. Thank you for your support/donation to this forum.
It's great that you are still growing orchids. Per my record I sold you couple plants back in March 2009. You seem to like species/primary hybrid, as well as peloric flowers.
Please feel free to share your orchid photos experiences. This forum is not as active as what it used to be now that we have Facebook and other social media. We have information dated back to 2003 when this forum first started.
For me it's easier to share photos than writing.
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Re: New member in Georgia

Post by naturegirl72 » Sat Oct 22, 2016 12:24 pm

Welcome to the forum!
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