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Hello from Austin TX :)!

Posted: Thu Apr 12, 2018 11:19 am
by jpowellcreative
Hi all, I'm Josh and I'm 32 with a lovely wife and two wonderful young kids. long time viewer but didn't make an account till last year and then...never posted, lol. Forum posting is like last on my never ending to-do list. I have a number of wonderful plants to share and will do so as time permits.

I've been growing orchids for a number of prior stint was years ago when i lived in central PA and while I had some success..i also had a lot of failure and eventual total loss due to busy life, side work / projects and overall lack of the understanding of the fundamentals I have now despite heavy reading and research into the growing of orchids at the time. I left everything I knew and moved with my wife and kids to live outside of Austin, TX in 2013. The draw of orchids once again began to nag at me and I decided to resume orchid growing again about a year later with a determination that I would not only be successful at it this time but would learn to grow orchids well. I ask a lot of questions and am eager to learn and meet new people and thus have been fortunate enough to acquire a lot of great knowledge from accomplished growers in my area and others, like Peter :)

My brother somehow got the bug from me despite his prior dismissal several years ago and he now has quite an operation going, primarily in valuable Cattleya. We learn from one another and discuss orchids often..much to my wife's despise, lol. Even my parents have been inspired by us and have acquired a few of their own but then again, they've always loved flowers and beautiful gardens and have spent many years cultivating the one's I grew up with in north Jersey.

I primarily focus on phals and cattleya although I have a few outliers such as an oncidium or two, a wonderful Dendrobium Little Atro (basically Atro.), and a Zygo. Advance Australia 'HOF' that is my personal favorite for exotic patterns and it's wonderful smell of of my favorite flowers from my youth and previously northern springs. I have pined over Peter's crosses for some time and finally bought some including a few highly anticipated compots a year or two ago.

I have bought and sold a number of orchids and have paired my collection down to under's what I can realistically manage with 2 young kids, my job, my wife's wedding cake business, etc. Two years ago, for winter growing, I finally got around to building 2 custom weather resistant rolling benches with built in removable humidity trays and then built a light stand for my LED grow lights (strip club lights LOL), greatly upping my winter game which was previously poor due to lack of light in the home; I'm all LED now. This past winter I upgraded my phal light setup, 48" 2 bulb fluorescent lights, which were long past replacement time, and built a 5k 90+CRI Hyperikon 3 LED tube hanging light fixture for the windowsill and primarily grow the phals under that and inside. The rest of the plants I move outside when the weather gets warm enough. Growing outside in central Texas is hard and has been a relatively steep learning curve and lighting in my yard provides some considerable aggravation and challenges of it's own. I have killed my share of fine orchids although I've yet to meet a grower that hasn't :)

I'm devoted to the Lord and his purposes, my family and then that order ;)

Blessings and good growing to all you!

Re: Hello from Austin TX :)!

Posted: Thu Apr 12, 2018 12:46 pm
by WaltonInlet
OK, first of all, "Welcome Aboard."

Second, and not a distant second at that...dude, you have got "it" BAD!

We can all tell that you are a natural at this and that you *will* succeed. There are just some "bites" that, after you have been bitten, cannot be expunged from your record. Such are orchids.

Fear not the time commitment: you mention that you have two kids. Pardon my reach, but in my world, this means that you have two..."staff." Put them to work as soon as they can hold a hose and read a thermometer; they will want to please "daddy" and will sharpen their wits (courtesy of the lessons of orchids) in ways that will both benefit them elsewhere in life and allow you to order more plants. Sample photo attached is of a neighbor kid of mine who (hee-hee) knew not what I was getting him in to when he started..."helping" me with my plants. Orchids, green beans, herbs...all of it. Now, he is my Official Grower ex officio, and he cannot get enough of it. His hobby at helping me with orchids has spread to being the gardener for a family of six, which he is (thanks to orchids) now comfortably capable of keeping stocked in fresh vegetables and herbs. He does have three sisters, NONE of which are allowed to touch his plants! He is currently in Peru, where, at a young age, he is revisiting a place where his family did a Missions trip a few years ago; when he gets home, his eyes are going to pop out at how large the pole beans have grown in his absence. Just an example of what working with kids at a young age can do over time...

Looking forward to seeing your pictures,

Re: Hello from Austin TX :)!

Posted: Thu Apr 12, 2018 5:51 pm
by Bob
Welcome Josh! :)

Re: Hello from Austin TX :)!

Posted: Fri Apr 13, 2018 10:29 am
by RandyT
Aloha from Hawaii! Love Austin, my wife's family has roots there.

Re: Hello from Austin TX :)!

Posted: Fri Apr 13, 2018 11:24 am
by peterlin
Welcome !