Novelty Phal. Blooming Patterns

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Novelty Phal. Blooming Patterns

Post by CDiDonna » Wed Jul 17, 2019 5:04 pm

Hi Peter-
How are you? Hope your summer is going well. Last year I bought some young novelty phals. Speciosa, Yaphon Twisted Roll (hybrid) and Samena (spelling?). Yaphon is in bark, the others are mounted. All of them have grown lots of roots, and 3 inflorescences on each plant. The Yaphon Twisted Roll bloomed about 2 1/2 months and the bloom just fell off this week. My question, do you water the potted novelty phals more often in summer? The mounted phals are being watered more often, so maybe the pots need more water too?

Next, I used a low quality spagnum moss on these plants, and they need to be watered daily. But they are finally getting themselves established. Is it best to let them grow, or to change the moss very carefully? This is a surprise, but different moss makes for different quality of growth.

Last question, how do the multiple inflorescences bloom on novelty phals? My speciosa has one lovely bloom, and two smaller buds blasted. I think if was from not watering more soon enough, or not good moss, or ???. The plant has one bloom now, and next year it will have three inflorescenses. Will all three bloom at once? Have you written any articles about this subject?

Thank you, Peter! Take care!

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