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Novelty Phals

Novelty phalaenopsis is referring to hybrids having summer blooming species such as Phal. amboinensis, Phal. violacea etc in the background. This phalaenopsis group generally produces smaller, yet colorful, waxy flowers. While lack in size when compared to complex phalaenopsis hybrids with larger flowers, novelty phalaenopsis tend to have pleasant fragrance and flower mostly in the summer months. Do not cut back inflorescence because this group of phalaenopsis blooms more profusely on both new and old infloresences.

Product ID Product Image Item Name Qty. Price
S05-5 Phal Giant Passion 'Colorful'

Phal Giant Passion 'Colorful'

2 $75.00


H53 Phal Ho's Fascinating Mirage 'Fellow Kite'

Phal Ho's Fascinating Mirage 'Fellow Kite'

1 $125.00


KS1401 Phal Jong's Gigan Cherry (remake)

Phal Jong's Gigan Cherry (remake)

6 $28.00


Tu103 Phal Joy Spring Canary 'Joy' AM/AOS/RHS

Phal Joy Spring Canary 'Joy' AM/AOS/RHS

0 $175.00

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Sold Out

Tu127 Phal Joy Spring Tina 'Anaconda'

Phal Joy Spring Tina 'Anaconda'

1 $500.00


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