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Fragrant Phals

By request, we have put together this group of phalaenopsis with colorful flowers that also smell good. Please remember that fragrance is subjective, and opinions of it diverse. Some of these are more fragrant than others. In most cases, fragrance of phalaenopsis is most noticeable on sunny days and high humidity.

Product ID Product Image Item Name Qty. Price
MO232 Phal Brother Ambo Passion 'Hsia'

Phal Brother Ambo Passion 'Hsia'

1 $75.00


sp-3cy Phal corningiana x sib

Phal corningiana x sib

4 $25.00


MO376 Phal Mituo King 'April Blood'

Phal Mituo King 'April Blood'

1 $150.00


MO230 Phal Mituo Sun Queen 'Lotus'

Phal Mituo Sun Queen 'Lotus'

0 $155.00

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YC16 Phal Vio Vio 'Peloric'

Phal Vio Vio 'Peloric'

1 $28.00


F1602s Phalaenopsis Chienlung Corningosa (speciosa x corningiana)

Phalaenopsis Chienlung Corningosa (speciosa x corningiana)

7 $25.00


YC35 Phalaenopsis Joy Fairy Tale 'Joy'

Phalaenopsis Joy Fairy Tale 'Joy'

2 $25.00


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