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Selected Phalaenopsis

This group of plants are selected for their desirable flowers, with many of them awarded or award quality. Most of these are produced by mean of stem propagation (cloning), where a dormant bud on a flowering phalaenopsis inflorescence is cloned in the lab to create idential plants. It takes more effort to propagate phalaenopsis this way, but stem propagation is the closest method we have to duplicate selected plants for their desirable flowers. 

Product ID Product Image Item Name Qty. Price
MO232 Phal Brother Ambo Passion 'Hsia'

Phal Brother Ambo Passion 'Hsia'

0 $75.00

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S05-5 Phal Giant Passion 'Colorful'

Phal Giant Passion 'Colorful'

2 $75.00


OK5736-1 Phal Giant Passion 'Orchid Konnection'

Phal Giant Passion 'Orchid Konnection'

1 $125.00


H53 Phal Ho's Fascinating Mirage 'Fellow Kite'

Phal Ho's Fascinating Mirage 'Fellow Kite'

1 $125.00


Tu127 Phal Joy Spring Tina 'Anaconda'

Phal Joy Spring Tina 'Anaconda'

1 $500.00


MO376 Phal Mituo King 'April Blood'

Phal Mituo King 'April Blood'

1 $150.00


P-YNB Phal Yaphon Nicegirl 'Ben Belton'

Phal Yaphon Nicegirl 'Ben Belton'

1 $95.00


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