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Phalaenopsis bellina (Wild Type) x sib


Phal bellina 'Xiuya #2'

This is one of our favorite species for its pleasant fragrance and colorful flowers. Used to be classified as Phal. violacea var. Borneo, Phal. bellina is a popular (arguably a must have) species in anyone's orchid collection. Not a vigorous grower when small - but once it gets to 4 inch leaf span this species is not difficult to keep if water is not allowed in crown, and keep it at temperature above 60F.

Recommended if you like summer blooming phalaenopsis with fragrance.  Short flower stem, ideal plant for under light or indoor growing.  

Size : Big plant, in spike to bloom this summer
Leaf Span : 10 inch, 3.5 inch pot
Flower Size: 6 cm
Propagation : Seed
Color : White/Green with magenta blush
Fragrance : Yes


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