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Phalaenopsis speciosa 'C#1' (syn Phal tetraspis 'C#1')


Phalaenopsis speciosa 'C#1' 

Famous species with unusal white and red color combinationFormerly known as Phal tetraspis 'C#1' but identified by taxonomist Dr. Leslie Garay as Phal speciosa 'C#1'.

The red colored sepals or petals show up when plant is grown in bright light and warm temperature.  This plant can also produce flowers that are all white - usually in the winter month.

Size : Mature Size in 3 inch pot, in flower/spikes
Leaf Span : 10 inch
Flower Size: 4-5 cm
Propagation : Clone
Color : White with red blotches
Fragrance : Yes


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