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Phalaenopsis Pylo's Princess


Phalaenopsis Pylo's Princess
(Haur Jin Princess 'Texas Red' HCC/AOS X Pylo's Passion Wing 'Super Red') 

This is our hybrid produced from seed. Healthy seedling planted in a 3 inch pot.  

First few plants to flower are solid red color.  It's safe to say these should bloom out red.
 Pod parent is standard type that usually bloom in the spring.  Pollen parent bloom 3 times a year due to Phal speciosa influence.  Expecting this hybrid to bloom on and off on larger plant.  Some maybe fragrant from pollen parent Phal Pylo's Passion Wing


Size :

Near Mature size, 3 inch pot

Leaf Span : 6-8 inch 
Flower Size: 5-6 cm
Propagation : Seed
Color : Art-shade, Red
Fragrance : Some are fragrant


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