Phalaenopsis Java Gem (stuartiana f. nobilis x javanica)

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Phalaenopsis Java Gem
 (stuartiana f. nobilis (upright infl) X javanica 'Peter Lin' HCC/AOS)

In this remake our goal is bring over the fragrance and yellow color from Phal stuartiana variety nobilis. Also the plant we used has upright branching spikes.
The ones flowering are very fragrant!
Because two species parents are different in plant size - we are seeing these seedlings to resemble either parents.  There are smaller compact ones like Phal javanica - also ones that are larger - more floriferous like Phal stuartiana with branching spikes.
Flower size will be between the two species parent, 7 cm for Phal stuartiana and 3 cm for Phal javanica.
Please let us know if you prefer compact size seedlings that may be more like Phal javanica, or larger seedlings that look more like Phal stuartiana.  
Size :

Near Mature Size

Leaf Span : 6-8 inch 
Flower Size: 4-5 cm
Propagation : Seed
Color :  
Fragrance : Yes


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