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Phalaenopsis LD Gigan Sun (Mituo Sun X gigantea 'M#1' HCC)


Phalaenopsis LD Gigan Sun  
(Mituo Sun X gigantea 'Meir#1' HCC/AOS)

Phal Mituo Sun 'Mituo#1' has proven to be a great parent.  See its progeny like Phal Mituo King (x Ld's Bear King), Phal Mituo Sun Queen (x Ld's Bear Queen).

Using our best Phal gigantea with good form and size, we are looking for shinny heavily spotted bright colored flowers.


Size :

Near Mature size, 3 inch pot

Leaf Span : 6-8 inch 
Flower Size: 5-6 cm
Propagation : Seed
Color : Spotted red, waxy
Fragrance : Yes


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