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Phal (Haur Jin Princess 'Anaconda' X Phoenix Canary 'Pylo')


Phalaenopsis (Haur Jin Princess 'Anaconda' X Phoenix Canary 'Pylo') 

Phal Haur Jin Princess 'Anaconda' is a large 3 inch harlequin flower with deep yellow base and exotic beet-purple spots.

Pair with a small, colorful novelty with heavy substance and fragrance, we are expecting variable results. There will be ones that look like harlequin, and ones that have influence from both parents.

Best ones will be hybrid with shorter stem and fragrance from pollen parent Phal Phoenix Canary.  

Looking to repeat the success of similar hybrid Phalaenopsis Mituo Diamond Canary (Phalaenopsis Diamond Beauty X Phalaenopsis Yungho Gelb Canary).

These are expected to be 3n and be more vigorous than 2n seedlings.

Size :

20+ seedlings

Leaf Span : 2-3 inch 
Flower Size: 6+ cm
Propagation : Seed
Color : Variable
Fragrance : Some will be fragrant


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