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Phal Hannover Passion 'Ching Ruey' AM/AOS



Phal Hannover Passion 'Ching Ruey' AM/AOS
(Gelblieber x mariae)

This is a nice classic phalaenopsis novelty hybrid which produces colorful, fragrant flowers.

The bright reddish brown bars came from species mariae, where Gelblieber contributes the substance, size, and texture. Awarded in 1994 with only 4 flowers. Award description reads "flowers white with greenish brown bars throughout; lip greenish white with brown." Over the years this plant has produced many awarded hybrids. Truly a nice plant to keep around as older plants will reward you year after years with more fragrant flowers. 

Recommended.  This novelty phalaenopsis has short spike - ideal for growing indoor under light. 

Size : Mature Size to flower within 6 months.
Leaf Span : 5-6 inch planted in 3 inch pot
Flower Size: 5.5 cm NS, 5.9 cm V - from AOS AQ record
Propagation : Clone
Color : Yellow red bar overlay
Fragrance : Yes


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