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Phal Joy Spring Canary 'Joy' AM/AOS/RHS


Phal. Joy Spring Canary 'Joy' AM/AOS/RHS
(Buena Jewel X Yungho Gelb Canary)

This is arguably the best novelty phalaenopsis available today. Congratulation to hybridizer, Joseph Wu, who received Award of Quality on this cross - Phal. Joy Spring Canary on May 2005 at Redland Orchid Festival judging.

2006 Update - This clone 'Joy' is also recognized by RHS on March 18, 2006, receiving AM/RHS with only 2 flowers and 2 bud at the time when this clone was exhibited.  "The plant exhibited had two open flowers and two buds on a 11 cm tall spike. The flowers were an attractive bright green-yellow with a contrasting white lip with deeper yellow in the throat. There was slight reticulation on the sepals and petals. Overall flower size was 60x56 mm "

Click for picture from RHS Orchid Review

Click for description from RHS Orchid Review

Made with two novelty phalaenopsis that are fragrant, this hybrid - Phal. Joy Spring Canary is also very fragrant and colorful. Besides being fragrant, this hybrid has beautiful leaves (see picture of the awarded plant on the left). Flowers are borne on compact, branching infloresences. Older plant will produce many flowers on both new and old inflorescence.

This clone 'Joy' has the highest award in this group, received AM/AOS 83 pts. We previously sold this clone as 'Joy No. 3'. If you have purchased this plant from us in 2004, you may rename it to 'Joy' AM/AOS because they are the same plant through stem propagation. Like other Phal. Joy Spring Canary, this clone has heavy substance - flat flower. We have seen this clone carry as many as 10 flowers at Mr. Wu's nursery. We are confident that this plant could score higher if a better grown plant with more flower is shown.

Size : Large Mature size, 3.25 inch pot overgrown
Leaf Span : 12 inch
Propagation : Stem Propagated
Flower Size: 6+ cm
Color : Yellow-green
Fragrance : Yes


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