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Phalaenopsis Chienlung Corningosa (speciosa x corningiana)


Phalaenopsis Chienlung Corningosa  
(speciosa X corningiana 'Fernbrook' AM/AOS)

This is a beautiful fragrant red, heavily spotted red primary hybrid.

We use one of our reddest Phal speciosa - that is almost solid red.  Phal speciosa is not 'C1'.  This is a seedling originated from Malaysia.

Pictured flower is the first one to bloom.  Very nice, strong fragrance like species parent Phal corningiana.

More photos of this hybrid can be found on our phalaenopsis discussion forum 
Size :

Near Mature size

Leaf Span : 6 inch 
Flower Size: 5+ cm
Propagation : Seed
Color : Red, Spotted red
Fragrance : Yes


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