Phalaenopsis Pylo's Fox

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Phalaenopsis Pylo's Fox
(Ld's Bear King 'Peter#2' (YK-13) X Pylo's Sweet Purple) 

Here we used a deep yellow fragrant flower Phal Ld's Bear King as parent.  Because in order to have deep red's, we need to have a strong non-fading yellow.

Pictured flower is first bloom seedling.  It will take time for plant to get larger and have more flowers.  We are quite please to see this unique color.  Since this is a seedling, you could get a different flower - expecting fragrant reds, yellow-red, art-shade.

More photos of this hybrid can be found on our phalaenopsis discussion forum

Size :

Mature size seedlings

Leaf Span : 6-8 inch 
Flower Size: 5-6 cm
Propagation : Seed
Color :  
Fragrance : Yes


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