Great Reading - What's In A Name?

Post your questions and photos to identify a species phalaenopsis. We maybe able to identify a primary hybrid between two species parents. Generally we cannot identify a complex hybrid.
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Great Reading - What's In A Name?

Post by peterlin » Sun May 23, 2004 10:44 am

If you ever wonder about why all the fuss to name/label a plant, this is a great reading by Robert Bedard. It's frustrating to see folks new to growing phalaenopsis purchase an unnamed plant or incorrectly labeled plant. As the new grower becomes interested to find out more on the purchased plant - there is not alot of information to offer on something labeled just "Phalaenopsis". It is also nearly impossible to tell from the flowers color. White, Pink flowers are all too common and look similiar after generation of hybridizing.

Here is the link to Robert's article
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