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If you propagate from a peloric phal is the progeny likely to be peloric too? I purchased this phal below - no name - from a garden centre and played with it a bit. Tried keiki paste which has so far produced new flower shoots. I also tried pollination for the first time and a seed pod has been the outcome. Trouble is I tried different pollen as well as self on various blooms so I have no way of knowing what might be the outcome! Stupid or what? Never mind at least it may show the plant is capable of producing some seed in future.
My question really is about the peloric tendency. I have read that sometimes this is caused by genetic alteration but sometimes by stress. Any helpful comments would be welcome.
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Re: Peloric

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Re: Peloric

Post by macha » Tue Aug 04, 2015 1:24 pm

Pelory is controled by recesive genes, so if you cross peloric plant with normal plant, there is no pelory in offsprings. But these offsprings have one gene allele for pelory. It means that second generation will have 1/4 of peloric plants and cross with founder will bring about 1/2 of peloric seedlings. Naturally, stem propagation brings the same plants, all peloric.

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