Must have Phal?

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Must have Phal?

Post by Suzanne17 » Thu May 14, 2015 5:44 pm

My mother gave me a Big Leaf Orchids gift certificate for my 40th I'm having trouble deciding what to do with it! I have lots of novelty hybrids and a few species. Wondering if I should dip my toe into a stem prop? Most of my phals face east or shaded west and they grow well with healthy leaves and roots but I haven't had any spikes thus far (been dabbling for about a year). I tend to underwater rather than over.
LD Bellina Eagle 'R-2' is particularly calling my name, but I wondered if there was a "must have"!

I've also wanted San Shia Appendo for a while but I don't see it in the shop.

Thanks !

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Re: Must have Phal?

Post by NHguy03276 » Wed Sep 16, 2015 11:10 am

This is a bit late, and I hope you are still around to get it, and more important, I hope you weren't still holding off your purchase waiting for a reply.

Short Answer: The only "must have" Phal is the one you pick up and say, "I must have". It doesn't matter if it is a $1000 specimen P. Gigantea or a $5.00 NOID home depot clearance rack Phal., all that really matters in the end is does it make you happy. I recently have become smitten by P. Cornu-cervi sp., but can easily see how others might say "it's pretty, but..." and prefer some of it's showier cousins, Just as there are some sp. phals that I look at, and go "It's Pretty, but...". But if you pick ones you like, then you'll be happier in the

Long Answer: Over the years I've been involved with many types of collectibles, both as a dealer and as a collector. No matter the type of item being collected, there are always those "Holy Grail" items sought by collectors. Orchids are no different. However, It has been my experience that in most caseviol Misire for the "Holy Grail" items is only about 20% about completing a collection/ actual desire by the collector, and about 80% impressing other collectors/bragging rights. I've seen collectors feverishly hunt for an item, and dish out lots of cash, for something they really don't like or want, just to be able to say they have it. This is fine for items that you can put in a box or store away, but when it comes to plants, if your not into them, they likely wont do as well, and most likely you'll lose even more interest in a plant you already don't have interest in to begin with. It is far better to find plants that speak to you than it is to try and find "Holy Grail" plants.

Until recently, I had only ever seen P. cornu-cervi in photos. I thought they looked nice, and put them on the someday list. However, when I attended a NHOS meeting about phals, one of the speakers had a couple variations of cornu-cervi for sale. As soon as I picked up a frm. flava to get a better look at it, I knew it was coming home with me. There was also a pretty showy purple harlequin peloric, that I looked at repeatedly, that I was considering, but it simply didn't catch my attention like the cornu-cervi did. in the end, I know I'll be far happier with the choice I made.

Edit: I ment to include 3 of my "holy grail" orchids: P. Corny-cervi f. thalebanii, a indigo p. violecia, and a p. Mituo king red pepper.... These will change as time goes on...

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Re: Must have Phal?

Post by DHS0403 » Wed Oct 21, 2015 8:45 am


My selections are based on a familiar constraint -- not enough space.

I prefer full size, award winning Phals that have earned broad recognition over decades.

To pick just one -- I'd recommend Barbara Balden's Kaleidoscope Golden Treasure.

It's my go-to Phal present for relatives, friends and others new to the hobby.

Just check the internet.

Good luck.

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