Sharing free software for collection management

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Sharing free software for collection management

Post by peterlin » Tue Nov 14, 2017 9:55 pm

I met Mario Frasca at WOC 22 at Guayaquil

He wrote
"Dear plant professional,
this is Mario Frasca writing, I'm currently the lead developer of Ghini, a free software for botanical collections, and I'm trying to broaden the user base.
Ghini is a small set of programs: a desktop program for the database management; a mobile application for inventory review; a web server for virtual multi-garden visit.
Ghini is offered for free to all who feel like using it, and I enhance it when I have time and resources, that generally means: when a botanical garden finances my work.
All is based on GPL software (free, open and gratis); all is continuously and automatically quality checked; all work is carried forward openly, on the collaborative platforms, travis-ci, coveralls; Ghini tries hard to follow the most up to date guidelines for professional botanical collections.
Nothing within Ghini is considered definitive, all can be criticised and enhanced and also radically corrected, after careful consideration and discussion, with the help of field experts and users.
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Re: Sharing free software for collection management

Post by NHguy03276 » Sun May 27, 2018 8:40 pm

Funny you should post this, As I was thinking of asking what people here use to keep track of their plants. I know I'm small time hobbyist compared to many of you, but now that my collection approaches 100 plants, and I'm giving flasking a shot, I needed to figure out a way to track a bunch of data. I opted for a spreadsheet as if gave a lot of flexibility for customization, but am always curious about how others, especially on larger scale operations handle these things... I check it out... looks interesting.

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