A question for the experienced breeders

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A question for the experienced breeders

Post by NHguy03276 » Sun May 27, 2018 5:53 pm

Question, When starting a new cross, how much of your parent selection and planning is involved vs pure instinct and lets put these two together and see what happens?

Before you answer, let me also explain that I grew up on a farm, and have a basic understanding of breeding programs. Whether its chickens for egg production or horses for show, having an idea of what you want for a end result is important. Given the length of time from pollination to flowering can be 5 years or more, and the amount of work involved, this seems far more important in Orchids than in most breeding programs.

I'm just starting in this, but I have decided my focus is going to be on foliage more than flowers (flowers are always important, but I'd like to see more in the mottled leaf, red leaf, variegated and even solid silver leaf plants), as well as smaller plants under 6"-8" in size. (Side question: Does anyone know of a P. schilleriana cultivar that is on the smaller size? I've heard rumors of a 8" cultivar, but they didn't know the name.)

Anyways, I have in bloom a P. Tying Shin Baby Smile and a P. Yang Yang Blue Angel.
These two plants meet neither of my end goals of smaller or mottled leaf plants. I try to figure out what I expect would be the results, and I just don't know. Yet I felt compelled to pollinate anyways...

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