Reciprocal Crosses

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Reciprocal Crosses

Post by WaltonInlet » Sat May 19, 2018 5:47 am

Regarding near-primary novelty breeding, have any of you made your hybrid with the same cultivars (not just the same grex), but with a second pod in the reciprocal position as well? If so, did you notice any significant difference in the results? I have a fairly good feel for this in cattleyas, but I wonder if there is a difference, specifically in novelty phalaenopsis.

This line of thought came up when considering the role of Dragon Tree Eagle (Peter's article in the Phalaenopsis supplement triggered this notion...). I realize that DTE is something of a near-loner it is dominance and is not quite as near-primary as my original question, but any experience shared here involving DTE (or its hybrids) with the same other parent, but in reciprocal position, would be much appreciated.

Many years ago, I had a long conversation with Marv Ragan about remakes in general. With one sole exception, our notes matched. So much so that I eventually started saying that a "re-take" of a cross is not necessarily a re-make, providing the same experience as the original cross, especially the farther away from the species/primary parents you go. Marv cautioned about expecting the same results with remakes, even when using the same pots of the same parents in the same position. The only cross that I had larger-volume experience with where the remake was indeed an exact repeat of the original experience was Blc. Edisto (Lc. Maria Ozzella x Oconee). We made the cross five times because it sold out like crazy due to the over-all quality; the last remake, I asked for 2,000 plants from the lab and saw about 200 flower out (the rest sold) and they were just like the excitement of the original cross, as were the previous three remakes; all other remakes with complex cattleyas ranged from slightly different to significantly different results from the original cross (although not necessarily different quality -- mostly color differences).

It is raining all the time now in Florida, hence my mind (and fingers/laptop) turn to posing questions like this to try to fend off the cabin fever. I appreciate any and all thoughts on this notion.

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