A new forum specifically intended for Hybridizing topics

Topics on phalaenopsis breeding, What are you looking to create?
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A new forum specifically intended for Hybridizing topics

Post by rbedard » Mon Jul 02, 2007 12:21 pm

Peter and I have discussed this several times over the last year or two, and we both agree that it is time for this now. Many of us are already members of more than one forum, this is not intended to compete or steal away members from Peter's forum.

I started work on this forum on April 11, 2007, but immediately became over-extended and work slowed to a crawl ... it is a shame it was not further along at this point; maybe some of the tension in the Maraldee thread could have been avoided ... but that is milk under the bridge ... ;-) ... while I would prefer that it was further along in development on opening day, I believe it is time to open it anyway.

So, for any or all that are interested in further discussions on hybridizing topics, you are welcome to come look, and/or to become contributing members of the Hybridizer's Forum.


For those of you that have already registered, your accounts have been activated this morning, and you may begin to contribute as you like.

(Thanks for allowing me to post this promotional message, Peter.)
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Post by peterlin » Mon Jul 02, 2007 12:32 pm

Thanks Robert.
Peter Lin, Admin
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