Phalaenopsis Mituo King Bellina ‘126-2’

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Phalaenopsis Mituo King Bellina ‘126-2’

Post by peterlin » Mon May 06, 2019 1:10 pm

Phalaenopsis Mituo King Bellina ‘126-2’ This is from a remake of this hybrid by Mituo Orchids in Taiwan, cross number is AM126. This is Mr Chen’s second selected flower, thus named 126-2. Pod parent is Phalaenopsis Ld’s Bear King ‘RK1’ AM/AOS. While this remake did not have flower with rounder form as the original cross K476 which uses Phalaenopsis Ld’s Bear King ‘Ben Belton’ (aka RK-3) as a parent, color from AM126 has been amazing. Almost neon color like.

Peter Lin, Admin
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