Paph rothschildianum compot seedlings for sale

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Paph rothschildianum compot seedlings for sale

Post by peterlin » Mon Sep 05, 2016 10:01 am

Summer is not over but weather should start to cool off soon. I was checking on the progress of my Paph rothschildianum seedlings from flask earlier

See this thread here.

They seem to do well, I can see new emerging leaves and roots through the side. I'm encouraged so I will be deflasking the other ones sitting on flasks rack.

I'm offering 4 seedlings for $50 shipped by priority mail. Seedlings will be wrapped in moss to be potted up.

Here is what they look like now photos taken yesterday 2016-09-04.




I have

Pa1909 Paph rothschildianum ('Panda' X 'Super Wings')


OIP246 Paph rothschildianum ('Giant Wings' GM/WOC X 'Pylo' AM/AOS)

If interested please email me at
Peter Lin, Admin
Big Leaf Orchids

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