A couple new F1706 bellina

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A couple new F1706 bellina

Post by WaltonInlet » Sun Jun 30, 2019 7:22 am

The flower on the left looks small, but that is just because the one on the right is quite large for a baby plant (a teeny bit larger than 5 cm.). This out-cross continues to excite me.

The flower on the left has rounded sepal/petal tips and strong, but clearly delineated color; the flower on the right is my second one from this cross to have "up-swept" petals, which I like since it gives the flower a "strong," bold stance.

Neither are in the same league as the one Peter posted just above here, but that's kind-of my point: these two are still worth keeping to see for another year or two. I keep thinking I will flower some from this cross that I can give as "house-warming" gifts or whatever; more than a year after flowering my first one, I am still waiting for a "cull." Hasn't happened yet! My largest flower (#3 in the photo, 6cm.) is now making its tenth (10th) bud on the original spike -- is has been in either flower or bud since the first spike started. Not that surprising for a well-established plant of 'Ponkan', but this is happening on this plants' first spike as a seedling. Bravo again, Peter.
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