How to Grow Phalaenopsis

How to Grow Phalaenopsis Orchid by Peter Lin

Phalaenopsis are tropical plants. They thrive in a warm and bright environment.


Phalaenopsis like to be kept warm. Temperature should be kept at least 60F. Best temperature is 75-78F.


Phalaenopsis enjoy moist potting mix. For plants grown in plastic container - water only when the potting mix is dry. Water thoroughly, allowing running water flow through pot for 10-20 seconds. This flush away excessive mineral built-up. You can tell the potting mix is dry by feeling the plant's weight, or by inserting fingers 2 inches into the potting mix. When in doubt, wait a day or two before watering.

Keep a ceiling fan or small personal fan at low speed in your growing area to help circulating air.  Phalaenopsis grow better with some air movement.
Bright indirect sun light is required to grow and to flower a phalaenopsis. Keep your plants by a window facing east, west, or south. Use sheer curtain, mini-blind to shield the leaves from direct sunlight.  Leaf color should be light green.  Dark green leaf color could mean that the plant is not getting enough light.
Phalaenopsis grows best with 60-70 percent humidity. Use a tray filled with pebbles to help with catching run-off water after watering, and to increase humidity. Keep the bottom of plastic pot above water level. This means keeping water level in tray about half the height of pebbles in tray.

Use any balanced (i.e. 20-20-20 ratio) fertilizer.  Follow the instruction on the label.


Phalaenopsis should be repotted at least once every 2 years. For best result, repot with fresh mix after flowering season. It's important not to over pot your phalaenopsis.  Select a clear-plastic pot that is slightly larger than the root ball.  An orchid mix made of fir bark, New-Zealand sphagnum moss, perlite, and charcoal allow good drainage.

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