Paph - Multifloral hybrid

This group of slipper orchids are very showy. Each inflorescence usually carry 4-6 flowers. Larger specimen plants with multiple new growths can have many flowers open at a time.  Recommended for greenhouse grower since these will do get large on mature size plants.  They generally reach flowering size when there is at least one mature growth and a new growth starting.

Species in the background of this group include Paph adductum, Paph anitum, Paph gigantifolium, Paph glanduliferum, Paph kolopakingii, Paph ooi, Paph philippinense, Paph platyphyllum, Paph randsii, Paph rothschildianum, Paph sanderianum, Paph stonei, Paph supardii, and Paph wilhelminae from subgenus Paphiopedilum section Corypedilum.

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