Phal Brother Ambo Passion (Hannover Passion x amboinensis)

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Phalaenopsis Brother Ambo Passion  
(Hannover Passion 'Ching Ruey' AM/AOS X amboinensis 'Tejas Giant' AM/AOS)

This hybrid just has to be made again.  Two cultivars 'Orchid Konnection' and 'Hsia' of Phalaenopsis Brother Ambo Passion are well known good flowers and breeder, this hybrid Phalaenopsis Brother Ambo Passion is quite variable because of Phal micholitzii in the background.  The original Brother Orchid cross have produced near solid yellow with few markings. 
In this remake, we use a very large Phal amboinensis to improve this hybrid.  At time of award in 2003, 'Tejas Giant' has flower size of 6.8 cm NS, and 7.8 cm NSV.  In our experience, a large well grown Phal. Hannover Passion has produced flowers larger than 6 cm.
First ones to bloom have large flower and clear markings.
More photos of this hybrid can be found on our phalaenopsis discussion forum 
Size :

Near mature size seedling to bloom in 6 month

Leaf Span : 6 inch 
Flower Size: 6 cm
Propagation : Seed
Color : Yellow red bars
Fragrance : Yes


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