Phalaenopsis bellina (blue wide petals x 'Joy' AM/AOS)

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Phalaenopsis bellina
(bellina (blue wide petals) X bellina 'Joy' AM/AOS)

This is an out cross of pairing a coerulea (blue) form of Phal bellina with good form with the type form.  Pollen parent 'Joy' also has very round form.  Most of these have bloomed out flat, great color.  Lots of green.

Offering previously flowered mature size plants.  These will bloom again the following season - usually June-September.  A few of these may rebloom if you keep these warm during the winter months at 80 F.

Pictured flower photo courtesy of Long Trieu.

For more example photos, please click the following link to view our phalaenopsis discussion forum

Phalaenopsis bellina F1706

Size :

Previously bloomed, Mature Size

Leaf Span : 8-10 inch 
Flower Size: 5-6 cm
Propagation : Seed
Color :  
Fragrance : Yes


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