Phalaenopsis Carol Darnell

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Phalaenopsis Carol Darnell x self
(Lyndon KT Glory X Lyndon Jade Agate)

This hybrid was made by Lyndon Lin via Mituo Orchids. I sold a plant to my customer Carol Darnell on May 2013. This was Carol's favorite plant because flowers are very long lasting and bloomed several time. Carol passed away in her sleep unexpectedly on October 2013. I got this plant back from Carol's family. Got Lyndon's permission to name this hybrid after Carol. I've tried stem prop without success, so the next best thing was to do a selfing. 

This cross has produced nice clear white/green flowers, as well as white/yellow flowers with freckles like the original plant loved by Carol.

Size :

Near Mature Size

Leaf Span : 6-8 inch 
Flower Size: 5 cm
Propagation : Seed
Color : White,Yellow, Green, some have markings
Fragrance :  


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