Phalaenopsis David Lim 'Big Leaf Orchid' AM/AOS

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Phalaenopsis David Lim 'Big Leaf Orchid' AM/AOS 
(amboinensis X gigantea)

This is probably the best clone of Phal David Lim that we have seen.  Originated from Taiwan.  Deep bright yellow contrast with mahogany bars.  Flowers are long lasting.  Expect more flowers when plant is larger.

Awarded HCC/AOS in 2012.  Upgraded to AM/AOS in 2016  award description "Twenty-one flat, stellate flowers on seven inflorescences on large, very well grown plant 24cm high by 85cm diameter, in a 20cm plastic net pot grown in moss culture; sepals and petals yellow, barred mahogany; lip cream, overlaid rust; column cream, pink basally; substance waxy, texture matte; upgraded to AM for floriferousness and increased flower size; also received AM 20163029.

Size : Mature size, in spike
Leaf Span : 10 inch, 3 inch pot
Flower Size: 6.0 cm when awarded
Propagation : Clone
Color : yellow, red bars
Fragrance : Yes


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