Phalaenopsis Joy Spring Tina 'Tina'

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Phalaenopsis Joy Spring Tina 'Tina' 
(Natasha X Hsu Li-Shan)

This colorful novelty is a sister plant to Phal Joy Spring Tina 'Anaconda' - originated from hybridizer Joseph Wu.  Due to influence of Phal gigantea - a parent species of Phal Natasha - this flower has heavy substance so the flowers are very long lasting.  This cultivar is Wu's favorite of this hybrid - and it is named after Wu's daughter Tina.  Selected for good flower arrangement.  Large, older mature plant will have 2 spikes with several flowers opened at once.

Size : Near Mature Size
Leaf Span : 8-10 inch
Propagation : Stem Propagated
Flower Size: 6-7 cm
Color : Cream with puprle red bars
Fragrance : Yes
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