Phalaenopsis Orchid World 'C.H.' AM/AOS

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Phal Orchid World 'C.H.' AM/AOS
(Malibu Imp X Deventeriana)

Famous fragrant novelty phalaenopsis known for its colorful flower (clear dark red markings and strong yellow color).  

This cultivar is Ching Hua.  Awarded in 1993.  "Three flowers and four buds on one inflorescence; flowers intense canary yellow with blood red marks; lip side lobes have minute red spots, midlobe lavender- red; column white; base of all flowers parts white with pink marks; substance extremely heavy; texture glossy."

Size : Near Mature size
Leaf Span : 5-6 inch in 3 inch pot
Flower Size: 6.7 cm, 7.2 cm Vertical when awarded
Propagation : Stem Propagated
Color : Yellow with red markings
Fragrance : Yes


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