Phalaenopsis Orchidkonnection Passion 'OK' HCC/AOS

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Phalaenopsis Pylo's Orchidkonnection Passion 'OK' HCC/AOS
(Hannover Passion 'CR' AM/AOS X Tabasco Tex 'D&B' HCC/AOS)

Classic breeding from our friend Meir Moses of Orchid Konnection. Exotic fragrant flowers.

This choice plant was awarded in 2015 at Dallas Monthly Judging Center

"Six flowers on four inflorescences; sepals and petals amaranth, very faintly barred pale amaranth; lip midlobe purple, side lobes yellow; column bright purple; substance hard, texture waxy; pleasingly fragrant."

Size : 3 inch pot, Mature size
Leaf Span : 8-10 inch
Flower Size: 5 cm 
Propagation : Stem Propagated
Color : Purple, Amaranth bars
Fragrance : Yes


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