Phalaenopsis Penang Girl 'Tejas' AM/AOS

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Phal. Penang Girl 'Tejas' AM/AOS
(venosa x violacea)

This is another cultivar of our favorite primary hybrid. Great color and fragrance. While this cultivar may not have the roundest petals, it has great color and larger flower size. Do not cut back the flower spike as this primary hybrid will rebloom from both existing and new spikes.

5.2 cm awarded May 2001
Nineteen flat, star-shaped flowers on five inflorescences, three of which are branched; flowers pale yellow-green with lavender spots and bars; linear lip ivory with bright yellow side lobes and light amethyst lines on sides of midlobe, fimbriated atapex; column and anther cap ivory; substance firm; texture matte; species native to the Philippines.


Size : Mature size 3 inch pot
Leaf Span : 8-10 inch
Flower Size: 5.2 cm when awarded
Propagation : Stem Propagated
Color : Art-shade
Fragrance : Yes
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