Phalaenopsis schilleriana 'M405' x 'Hsia 494'

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Phalaenopsis schilleriana 'M405' x 'Hsia 494'

This is a popular phalaenopsis species to keep in your collection for it has beautiful marble foliage. Mature plant will carry many flowers in the spring.

These are sib cross of good Phal schilleriana with fragrant flowers.

This species does not like to have its root wet all the time. It's recommended to allow aerial root to grow outside of pot and allow pot to almost dry completely between watering.  My solution is to use bark and loosely pot this species.   While this species can be grown in pot successfully with careful watering schedule, we recommend that you mount this species on plaque to have better control of not water.  Also the cascading flower arrangement will look more nature when mounted.  Otherwise, we would recommend using clay pot for this species if mounting is not an option if you are concerned about drier indoor growing condition.

Size : Mature size
Leaf Span : 12+ inch
Flower Size: 6-8 cm
Propagation : Clone
Color : Pink
Fragrance : Yes


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